We tend to start our Mondays with a plan.  A new schedule, a new diet, a new workout program.  I don’t know why Monday is the magical day, is it because we then spend our weekend doing all of the things that we are no longer allowed to do on Monday?  In our mind, Monday is the beginning of a new dawn.

So, let’s go with that, Monday/A New Dawn.  Before Monday arrives, there is some groundwork to be done, some steps to take.  Let’s make that new dawn a bright one!

Start with a positive image or thought, “it will feel good to move my body, eat wholesome, clean food, have an organized day”.  Think about who you are ten years out, how do you want to “be”, WHO do you want to be?  Really spend some time on this one.  Then bring that picture into your plan as it will be your lighthouse. 

Our brains operate well from a positive perspective rather than a negative.  “I AM healthy, fit, strong, successful” goes along way.  “I am going to the gym” is so much better than “I am going to the gym because I have to lose 60lbs.”  The prior is a statement with potential, the latter is a punishment.

Take yourself into the future, write down who you want to be, how you want to feel?  Really get clear and be very specific.  What are you wearing?  What does your hair look like, what shoes do you have on?  Where are you, where are you standing, what’s around you in this future picture? 

From that perspective of your future self, turn around and tell your current self how to get there and how it will feel when you arrive.   Write out your plan, all the while keeping that future picture in your mind.  Be specific with your plan, a schedule, a shopping list, a meal plan, an exercise regime, whatever tools you need to start.

Begin to breathe in the excitement of a new venture.  Always being pulled toward the lighthouse.  Monday is the day!  The excitement is building, and you are ready to go.  Step by step move toward the future you; when you feel off course then sit down and bring that happy perspective back and go again.

You can do this!  Monday is a New Dawn!