Peaceful Mountain Scene Are You Ready?
Corey Barnes


Widowed at 34, I raised two small boys to be happy healthy adults while I built a personal training business and then a CrossFit Affiliate. This was not without stumbles along the way, but those stumbles led me down the paths I needed to follow. 


After 25 years of convincing your body to move when your mind has convinced it not to, I realize that the mind is the fascinating piece. It is the piece that either drives people to their dreams or stands in their way.


We all have dreams and goals sitting “out there”.  Using the Co-Active coaching method, I will guide you to yours.


Coaching is the opportunity to take charge of the direction of your life.  You and I work together using the CoActive Training method to establish the path to your goals and dreams, beginning right where you are.  Accountability plans along the way keep you engaged and focused.



    • Two 45min. Telephone sessions a month.
    • Email and text check-ins as needed along the way to help keep you on track and in touch.

The greatest changes in a fitness lifestyle come about when I work with the whole person – mind, and body.  Using the CoActive Training method, these changes are built on a deep level.



    • Three personally programmed workouts a week (done on your own).
    • One 50min. Personal Training Session a week (virtual or in-person).
    • Two 45min. Personal Growth Coaching Sessions a month. These sessions help create life-long changes that will help you adhere to your fitness and lifestyle goals and are done on the phone.

If you prefer working out in a class environment, then this package is for you.  The combination of unlimited classes combined with personal growth coaching will get you on the right path to your goals.  This package also combines the powerful tool of Personal Growth Coaching with your fitness classes to create the lifestyle.



    • Three On Ramp Sessions to learn the moves of Functional Fitness (priced separately).
    • Unlimited Functional Fitness Classes – see schedule on
    • Two 45min. Personal Growth Coaching Sessions a month.  These sessions are done on the phone.
The healthy, fit, and balanced you is in there somewhere. I can help you find that person.